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The ‘Holding-Breath Chair’ by Ray Jiao & Yi Wang

| July 17, 2013

These inflatable chairs by Chinese designers Ray Jiao and Yi Wang integrate vacuum compression systems that mould the seats to the shape of each sitter.

The seat of each chair in the Holding-Breath collection is a detachable bag, filled with foam particles and fitted with a valve that allows air in and out.

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‘Ray’ collection by Lagranja Design for Fabbian

| July 1, 2013

Lagranja Design have designed a collection of lamps called ‘Ray’ for Fabbian Illuminazione.

“It takes its cue from typically Mediterranean Persian blinds. The light which “escapes” between the slats designs the shapes of the lamp. Quality is at the centre of the project. ‘Ray’ creates a direct light on a table or worktop and an indirect diffused light in the rest of the room. Continue Reading

handy pencil accessories by Artori Design

| June 24, 2013

Tel aviv-based Artori Design has developed a series of handy pencil accessories including a ‘Pencil Broom’ eraser extension and a storage device for organizing paper clips and other desk supplies.

‘Pencil Broom’ the wooden pencil supplement works to sweep away ones mistakes, through its grooved bristle-like eraser.

The ‘Pencil End Cup’ is a two-piece container for office utilities in the shape of a pencil end complete with a bright pink ‘eraser’ compartment. It is composed of two separate parts which stack on top of one another, or function as a cup with a lid.

‘Ugol’ by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov

| June 11, 2013

Saint Petersburg designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has designed a table lamp named ‘Ugol’.

“Plain form and performance is combined with unique mode of setting it up on a table, by the way already received a patent. All you need is a table angle and board of a standard thickness. A normal working table is usually from 1 to 2,5 cm thick. Continue Reading

3D printed bow tie by monocircus

| June 5, 2013

Made utilizing rapid prototyping techniques in polyamide plastic, the 3D printed bow tie by Japanese design studio monocircus reinterprets the common fashion accessory, retaining a visual presence similar to that of its woven-textile counterpart.

Conceived in one piece instead of being fastened like a ribbon, the attachment slots right onto the button of any collared dress shirt. A checkered surface pattern creates an optical illusion, accentuating the three dimensional volume of the item.

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how rugs can brighten your home this winter

| May 31, 2013

Interior of the stylish apartment

As winter rolls around, many homeowners across the country are looking for decorative options that can keep a little of that spring and summer cheer that brightens up the rest of the year. Keeping the sunshine alive will help keep things cheerful in the home and goes a long way in keeping that winter chill out of the air. Luckily, there are plenty of design options that do an excellent job of brightening up the home. One of the easiest and cheapest methods of doing so is simply by choosing the right rugs.  Continue Reading

‘Melted Vases’ by Furf Design Studio

| April 28, 2013

“Once upon a time there was a vase that, just like passionate heart, melted when it received flowers.” via

‘Bunny Light’ — porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail

| April 17, 2013

“Super adorable bunny with a light-bulb where his fluffy tail should be. We don’t have to explain any more than that, he’s irresistible, and a little surreal. Face in different directions to adjust the amount of light directed into a dark room. Continue Reading

‘Giraffe’ floor lamp by BERNHARD | BURKARD

| April 16, 2013

Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD have created a floor lamp named Giraffe.

From the designers:

“The giraffe | floor lamp was first shown during SaloneSatelitte 2013 in Milan furniture fair. It follows both principle of functional and iconic design. The lever of the lamp works by a system of scissors on a curved shape. This technical innovation makes it flexible and very adaptable in any situation. The combination of the functional parts made from metal with the wooden legs brings the design in unique field that combines technical and homelike aspects.”

‘Crown’ series by Grietje Schepers

| March 9, 2013

The ‘Crown‘ series designed by Grietje Schepers, available in two sizes: 135 cm and 225 cm high, for both indoor and outdoor.