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‘Scent of Light’ by Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi

| March 6, 2013

Imagining light as a fragrance, being subtly diffused into our air, Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi have developed a table lamp whose presence is conceptually derived from that of a perfume bottle. ‘Scent of Light’ expresses a simple and delicate form, appearing as if an aromatic liquid is being blown out of its socket, into an iridescent balloon of glowing luminous colors.

The bulbous shapes sit within a shallow dish, allowing one to freely tilt the object to achieve their desired ambiance.

Photos @ Laura Chiarotto

‘Kaki’ side table by Kenyon Yeh

| February 27, 2013

“Wall stand side table, simple lines, light and easy to install. Table surface is circle with little bend at the end as a point to rest the table and will grab the wall not to falling down.  Continue Reading

‘ALEAF’ by Michele Franzina and Venezia Homedesign

| February 27, 2013

Michele Franzina and Venezia Homedesign have designed ‘ALEAF’ for DesignYouEdit.

A flexible chaise longue and an armchair at the same time, that can be used for relaxation or as a temporary workstation. Seat, back and armrest are part of the same sinuous and continuous structure. The movable supporting surface provides an easier and more comfortable seating.

‘Ori’ lighting by Producks Design and Mika Barr

| February 26, 2013

‘Ori’ lightning series is the offspring of a collaboration between Producks design studio and textile designer Mika Barr. The design starting point was Mika’s Folding Apart fabric. The fabric has a special print on it that gives it an inner structure making it fold according to the printed pattern. Continue Reading

DWR diamond sheet set by Judy White Studio

| February 19, 2013

In a word, this bedding is lussuoso (Italian for “luxurious”). To create DWR bedding, DWR teamed up with Judy White.

Inspired by the Case Study Houses, White has represented building materials like stucco, glass and slate in the colors of the collection. The result is a set of building blocks that make it easy and fun for you to create your modern bed. Made of the finest materials, the sheets have the exquisite feel of 200-thread-count Egyptian long-staple cotton percale, with a simple pearl edge stitch finishing each edge.

Get it here.

‘Memory’ by Boris Klimek for Brokis

| February 12, 2013


Designer Boris Klimek has designed Memory, a collection of opal glass ceiling and wall lights forBrokis. Continue Reading

‘Kork’ tables and lighting by Twodesigners

| February 11, 2013

Based in Liège, Belgium, Twodesigners have created ‘Kork’, a family of objects made from cork. Continue Reading

‘Nest’ sofa by lagranja

| February 10, 2013

lagranja have created the ‘Nest’ sofa for manufacturer KOO International.

“It’s been a long while we’re thinking about a comfy sofa made of big pillows, maybe because we don’t like much minimalistic squared sofas, or too skinny ones. Continue Reading

‘Dent’ chair by o4i DesignStudio for Blå Station

| February 9, 2013

Stockholm-based o4i DesignStudio has created the ‘Dent‘ chair for Blå Station.

Description from o4i DesignStudio:

“The Dent chair challenges the idea of the sleek and beautiful. It is the antithesis of perfect. It is a chair never seen before and, we dare to say, won’t leave anyone indifferent. Continue Reading

‘Solid Spin Lamp’ collection by Johanna Tammsalu

| February 8, 2013

Designer Johanna Tammsalu has created the ‘Solid Spin Lamp’ collection from ceramic.

From Johanna Tammsalu:

“The Solid Spin Lamp collection grew out of series of experiments that I made with everyday objects that can be found in everyone’s household. Continue Reading